Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Did you know, Cybercandy don't just stock snacks and sweets from around the world
They also have their own exclusive range, which includes some crazy yet delicious chocolates

Saturday, 28 June 2014


So much can happen in a week on Tomodachi Life
I've had weddings, break ups, children and octopus based beauty tips...

Naturally I've had a lot of people asking me about this game and wether or not they should buy it
Tomodachi Life is definitly one of those games where it's entertainment value lies on a personal level
All Mii's involved are your own choice, you can have your friends or even South Parks Kanye West
♪ Now I got my wish 'cause I know that I'm a gay fish ♪

As the game applies it's wackiness and diaglogue to these characters,
you see them coming from the people themselves
You can go with the grain as much as you want
but the game is bound to throw in a curve ball or two and it's results can be hilarious...
 Who knew that Marco of Attack on Titan would love Breaking Bad's Mr. White?
and who knew that I apparently hide dog poop in my room?!

So, is Tomodachi Life worth buying?
Absolutely, it's possibilities and entertainment are truely endless
The skies the limit and if that's not enough then just rocket your Mii in to space via their favourite food

The residents of Dream★Land hope you will join in their adventures over on Spoon Plays

Buy Tomodachi Life on Amazon // GAME // Nintendo UK

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Thursday, 26 June 2014


 I wouldn't say I'm a techno-phobe, but when tablets and iPads first started to be released
I never thought they would catch on, I thought the technology was already easily available in phones
and anything else they wanted to do, they could do it on a laptop or PC they already owned
But these days I feel like most households have at least one tablet product and mine is no exception

Recently we adorned our iPad with a lovely case featuring a map of the London Underground
I always had a huge fear of using the underground, but last year I visited London twice
and I soon overcame my fear and I also find the maps super easy to navigate

I was also please that Lambeth North squeezed into the map at the bottom
as that's the tube station nearest to my hotel and Lambeth is my unofficial Southern Home hehe

I don't know why, but I really enjoy looking at how blog layouts translate to the iPad

As you can see from the flip cover, it's the kind that you can fold to create a stand for your iPad
Though for some reason I can never get it to work and I almost catapult the thing in the air!

You can get iPad cases in plenty of fun designs from Zero Case over at Etsy
and you can get your very own iPad on the Three Network starting at just £25 a month ♪

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